Spacegy Certification can be obtained by Companies, Organizations, Products, Projects, and Individuals. Information on Spacegy certified companies and companies with a preliminary Spacegy assessment can be found on . All Spacegy certified companies and organizations are automatically listed on with their certification status and their certification score.

If you are unsure of whether an entity possesses Spacegy certification please contact us and we will let you know.


The following companies and organizations all have the highest possible Spacegy score of 1000. This means that these companies and organizations are in the Space business exclusively, and everything they do contributes in full to our civilization's advancement towards becoming a spacefaring civilization.

Ad Astra Rocket Company - USA
AirLaunch - USA
ARCAspace - USA
Astra, Inc. - USA
Astrobotic Technology - USA
Astroscale - Japan
Axiom Space - USA

Bellatrix Aerospace - India
Bigelow Aerospace - USA
Black Sky Aerospace - Australia
Blue Origin - USA

Celestis - USA
Ceres Robotics - USA
Copenhagen Suborbitals - Denmark

Deep Space Systems - USA
DreamUp - USA

Elysium Space - USA
Exos Aerospace - USA

Firefly Aerospace - USA

Galactic Suite Design - Spain
Gateway Galactic - USA
Generation Orbit Launch Services - USA
Gilmour Space Technologies - Australia

I-Space China - China
Interorbital Systems - USA
Interstellar Technologies - Japan
Intuitive Machines - USA
Ispace Japan - Japan

Kuiper Systems - USA

Maritime Launch Services - Canada
Masten Space Systems - USA
Maxar Technologies - USA
Moon Express - USA
Mynaric - Germany

NanoRacks - USA
Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems - USA

Odyssey Space Research - USA
OneSpace - China
Orbex - United Kingdom
OrbitBeyond - USA
Orion Span - USA

PD AeroSpace - Japan
Planet Labs - USA
Planetary Resources - USA
PLD Space - Spain
Puli Space Technologies - Hungary

Reaction Engines Limited - United Kingdom
Relativity Space - USA
Rocket Lab - USA
Rocketplane Global Inc. - USA
RocketShip Tours - USA

Scaled Composites - USA
Sierra Nevada Corporation - USA
Space Adventures - USA
Space Propulsion Group - USA
Space Services Inc. - USA
SpaceDev - USA
Spaceflight Industries - USA
SpaceMETA - Brazil
SpaceX - USA
SpinLaunch - USA
Starchaser Industries - United Kingdom
Stratus-Pikpuk, Inc. - Spacegy Division - USA
Stratolaunch Systems - USA
Synergy Moon - Croatia

TeamIndus - India
The Spaceship Company - USA
TiSPACE - Taiwan

UP Aerospace - USA

Virgin Galactic - USA
Virgin Orbit - USA
Vulcan Aerospace - USA

World View Enterprises - USA

Zero 2 Infinity - Spain


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