Our civilization's expansion into space is governed by three factors:

Pull in this case is defined as the attraction of outer space. The reason for space endeavors so far has been to get to outer space for one reason or another. The reasons for going to space have so far been along a scale of politics and scientific research depending on the political climate of the time.

Technology is of course the means of how we get to space. Currently the cost of the technology needed to get to outer space far outweighs any financial benefits of going there.

A push by humans to leave planet earth due to unacceptable living conditions is something we thankfully have not yet experienced, but it is very likely to become a reality in the future. Overpopulation and depletion of resources will create a need for people to find new homes on other worlds.


Spacegy's focus is on the PULL factor. Spacegy's main goal is to aid in the discovery of financial benefits of space travel. Currently there is no financial incentive to go to other worlds. Simply put there is no money to make in space, so why go? We at Spacegy want to change that by stimulating components of our society that are likely to make discoveries that could show potential financial benefits of space travel.

The Spacegy certification system is set up in a way that it encourages money flow to areas of the economy that are directly related to space travel, particularly those fields that could find financial benefits of space travel.

Space travel is currently very expensive, and even though costs are dropping fast the costs of space travel will still outweigh the benefits unless financial rewards of such travels can be shown. Furthermore, as the case usually is, a proven financial reward will accelerate the development of the technology necessary to reap the reward.


Pull is the attraction of other worlds. The reason for humans to go to space. Push on the other hands is the need for humans to leave the Earth due to unacceptable living conditions. Either one of these forces would create a space travel infrastructure to accommodate the need for Space Travel. Currently we have neither significant pull nor push, therefore we have no need for real space travel infrastructure, hence no real space travel progress. The goal of Spacegy is to transfer Earth Life to other worlds through intentional or unintentional transmission by humans; it is imperative to Spacegy that large scale Space travel happens before the human race exits the stage. This will happen due to push or pull...

Make no mistake; the push will come. Overpopulation and depletion of natural resources will make living conditions unacceptable. The only way to achieve acceptable living conditions will be to find new homes on other worlds. If the push becomes the dominant force before the pull it will carry a great cost measured in both human suffering and damage to our planet's ecosystem. There will be war, starvation, loss of biodiversity. It is imperative to both the human race and to Planet Earth that pull becomes the dominant force first. Not only that pull becomes the dominant force first, but that it becomes as big of a force as possible, as soon as possible.

If pull becomes a large enough force it will induce the creation of real space travel infrastructure. If the infrastructure is in place at the time the push force becomes significant an orderly and peaceful migration of humans to other worlds will be possible, and with that human migration the transmission of Earth Life.

Relying on the inevitable push force to propel us off the Earth is dangerous for a number of reasons. Reaching push level before space travel infrastructure is in place will increase the risk of military conflict as a large unsustainable human population fight over remaining resources. The toll on the Earth's ecosystem will be greater both due to the strain caused by human overpopulation and also from the military conflicts resulting from that overpopulation.

Spacegy works to create as much pull force as possible as fast as possible. A strong pull force will spare the Earth the devastating effects of human overpopulation; it will also of course save us humans from a great deal of unnecessary hardship and suffering. If large scale space travel becomes a reality due to push we go as refugees fleeing a desperate situation of death and destruction. If large scale space travel on the other hand becomes a reality due to pull we go as explorers, pioneers, and adventurers!


A similarity from history is how the early travels of the Europeans to newly discovered lands went from the early pull of acquiring resources to the later push of finding new homes. So too can we expect space travel to progress from a strictly pull state to a mixture of a pull and push situation as space travel becomes more affordable and destinations become known. When the benefits of a space enterprise outweigh the costs the trip is made; it's that simple.

Our current state is a very early stage of pull. There is a profitable space industry, mainly concerned with placing communication satellites in low earth orbit. While this industry currently doesn't move Earth life to other worlds it does stimulate very important technological developments concerned with reducing launch costs, a major obstacle to cost efficient space travel. More elaborate space projects such as Moon landings, Mars rovers, etc.. That are publically funded are of course very inspirational and do provide a great deal of technological development, but they fail on a very important point, they do not show any financial benefit, they just cost money! At Spacegy we would love it if these projects would receive huge funds and space travel would flourish that way, but the politics of post Apollo space funding clearly show that this is not something to count on. A political situation may bring about a small boost in space spending that will only be nullified by a subsequent political situation ignorant of the benefits of space travel. It is painfully clear that publically funded space projects will not produce the kinds of results that are needed if the Earth is to benefit from the presence of man. It is very possible that NASA will one day uncover a financial benefit on another world but we can't afford to wait for that to happen when it never may. This is by no means the fault of the great people at NASA or other space agencies who have dedicated their lives to the most noble of causes. The lack in progress is mainly due to lack of funding, brought on by a lack of political will.

Nature is taking a gamble allowing intelligence to evolve, but intelligence is the only way Nature can spread to distant worlds. The human race is part of Nature. Technology developed by humans is an extension of the human race and is part of Nature; societies that shun technological progress are doomed to fail. Capitalism is an obvious extension of Nature and is the driving force that propels a society forward economically, technologically and scientifically. Capitalism is not a necessary painful compromise or ''the least bad system'', no Capitalism is pure Nature and pure evolution. Societies that decide to dilute Capitalism perform less well than societies with more pure Capitalism. The more pure a society's Capitalism is the better it performs and the faster new Technologies are developed, and Technology is of course an important part of Space travel.

The Capitalist system has time and time again proven to achieve fantastic results in all arenas that it has ever been allowed to flourish in and is clearly the tool to be used if real progress is to be expected. The capitalist system however does not act without the prospect of a financial reward. This is why Spacegy's main focus is to direct money to companies and organizations that may find such financial benefits. If we can show a carrot on another world the Capitalist system will do the rest!

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