Getting Spacegy certified is an investment that will not only yield short term positive results in terms of increased business, but more importantly your organization will over the long term gravitate towards a position of overall strength in its internal matrix and become a more respected and trustworthy organization in the eyes of your customers, clients, and business partners.

Spacegy certification includes a free automatic listing on, the world's largest industrial directory.

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Having a Spacegy certification shows that your company shares the values of Spacegy in a general. That is generally enough for a customer to purchase your product, but a corporate client or a new potential business partner will want to dig deeper. That's where the Spacegy score comes in. When your company is Spacegy certified a score is determined based on the quantitative nature of your business. Scores vary highly between industries; if you are a manufacturer of spacecraft components your score would be expected to be much higher than that of a furniture factory. The score of a furniture factory is of course to be compared to the score of another furniture factory. A Spacegy certification, and a good Spacegy score, gives your company an advantage over the competition when being selected for business. Being selected for business by other space conscious companies, and you weighing the value of a Spacegy certificate and a Spacegy score when selecting new business partners positively affect the parameters on which your Spacegy score is determined, hence raising your Spacegy score resulting in even more high quality business partnerships for your company.

Spacegy certificates work a bit like magnets attracting each other. Spacegy certified companies tend to move towards each other and form clusters of companies, all with long term solid business strategies. Your company may not have good prospects for long term flourishing when you first register your company for a Spacegy certification, but the Spacegy certification will give you the tools you need to make your company prosperous in the long run.

Being in possession of a Spacegy Certificate shows your customers, clients, and business partners not only that you care for the greatest cause mankind has ever had, but also that your organization has a long term vision in all its undertakings. Just like other good certifications it forces your organization onto a path of long term positive results. You know that a company with a Spacegy certificate is committed to the long term and has tools to achieve long term prosperity. The score tells you how far along they have come in their pursuit of long term excellence. A company with a Spacegy certificate is always a company with great potential!

A Spacegy certification is valid for 10 years after which it needs to be renewed.
Getting certified is easy and cost effective. The cost of certification is USD1000, or USD100 for small entities with an annual turn-over of less than USD 1,000,000 and no more than 10 people on full-time staff.

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