Personal Spacegy certifications are absolutely free and easy to acquire, all you have to do is agree to the terms. A personal Spacegy certification is however not to be taken lightly. Holding a Spacegy certification is a privilege reserved for those who share the belief that space should hold a much higher priority in our civilization than it currently does.


To acquire a Spacegy certification as an individual you must agree in general with the following:

Space exploration, space colonization, and other activities bringing us closer to being a spacefaring civilization is a main priority of mine as a member of our civilization.

I will when applicable and appropriate conduct myself, both in business and in personal matters, in a way that is beneficial to space exploration and related fields.

In public elections I will vote for parties or candidates who prioritize space. If I am an elected official I will prioritize space in my public service.

When identified as a Spacegy certification holder I will conduct myself in a manner that reflects positively on Spacegy and on the cause of space as a whole.

When interacting with a business or another person I will when possible and appropriate enquire about their Spacegy status, and will encourage anyone without a Spacegy certification to acquire one.

I understand that my Spacegy certification may be withdrawn if I am determined to be in violation of above terms.

Your Name:

Country of residence:


Message (optional):

I have read the terms and agree with them. I have filled out the information truthfully and wish to receive a free personal Spacegy certification.

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