What are you doing here on this planet in this life? What is the point of your existence? You can try to achieve something great, but any legacy or memory of what you have done in your life will fade away after your death. Most of us will be completely forgotten less than a century after we're gone. If you accomplish something great you might be remembered for a few hundred years. The greatest achievers in human history get a few thousand years of recognition, but in the end they will be forgotten as well. Our whole civilization and the whole human race will one day fade into the complete unknown.

If you really want your life to have a big impact you need to think beyond the lifespan of the human race. This is what Spacegy is all about. Spacegy seeks to direct resources of our society towards endeavors that benefit the expansion of Earth Life to other worlds.

You as an individual can have a tremendous impact on our civilization's expansion to Space by promoting Spacegy in various ways.

As a communicator you can increase awareness of the Spacegy concept. You can do this in your daily interactions with people or on social media, simply by telling people about Spacegy and explaining the importance of expansion to Space. By adapting your everyday communications to include Spacegy you can have an impact that will last hundreds of millions, and even billions of years!

As a consumer you can promote Spacegy through your everyday purchases of goods and services. Any time you are faced with a choice of which product or service you want to buy always check for Spacegy Certification and Spacegy Score.

As a representative of the company that you work for you can promote Spacegy when dealing with other companies by giving preference to companies with a Spacegy certification and a high Spacegy score.

Your words and actions here and now may translate into life on other worlds in other corners of the Universe. Not tomorrow or next year, but on a timescale of millions of years. The scope of the Spacegy concept is huge compared to what we as humans are used to. If you feel your life lacks meaning or purpose then Spacegy is for you. Nothing you can ever do in your life will have a greater impact than what you do for Spacegy!

Just imagine; a small action you take today such as a purchase of a Spacegy Certified product, or a social media post about Spacegy, could snowball into life on another world. Giving life to other worlds! Can you honestly say that there is anything more important you want to do with your time?

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