Many of the worlds that are potential hosts for Earth Life may already harbor their own locally evolved ecosystems, and organisms from Earth could be very destructive to those ecosystems. Yes this may be true, but that's evolution, that's how nature works! Organisms from one area enter another and if they are better adapted they take over.

We can see an example of this happening currently in Australia where a range of marsupial species are being replaced by recently arrived mammals that are better adapted for life in Australia. Some people are enraged by this situation and struggle to save native marsupials threatened by extinction. These are of course good people and they do this with the best of intentions. They do however fail to see that even though these mammals were brought in by recent human settlers it is Nature's way; the humans have in this case been key figures and provided an avenue for Natural evolution to do its work. On the flip side organisms native to Australia such as the Eucalyptus tree is now thriving in several locations around the world where it has proven more suited for the local environment than old local species. Perhaps future Space travelling humans will bring some goodies back to Earth in the same way. The current situation regarding the Australian flora and fauna is just the latest example of this. This is how evolution works.

Nature is taking a gamble allowing intelligence to evolve, but intelligence is the only way Nature can spread to distant worlds. Sometimes evolution is cruel to the less well adapted organism, but that really is Nature's way.

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