Paramount Obligationism Manifesto

Human activity is severely destructive to Earth nature. The existence of humanity must be justified by providing benefits to Earth nature.

To ensure the survival of Earth nature beyond the time that the Earth is able to harbor life, Earth life must spread to other worlds.

The human race can and must benefit Earth nature by dispersing Earth life to other worlds.

Spreading of Earth nature is best achieved as a secondary effect of space colonization.

Space colonization and the spreading of Earth biology to other worlds is the paramount obligation of the human race. Of all the endeavors humanity undertakes only space colonization will have a lasting effect; everything else will be erased in the long term. Everything undertaken by humanity must gravitate towards space colonization.

Human activity benefiting space colonization directly or indirectly is valuable and must be encouraged.

Human activity not benefiting space colonization directly or indirectly is a waste of time and a waste of limited natural resources.

Human activity working against space colonization weakens the chance of the human race to ensure the Earth’s eco system’s interstellar dispersal and long term survival. We must settle space to justify our existence. This is the only thing that matters. This is the paramount obligation of the human race.

Paramount Obligationism

Spacegy is based on the doctrine of Paramount Obligationism. The paramount obligation of the human race is to spread Earth biology to other worlds before the conclusion of the current state of intelligent dominance on Earth. This obligation supersedes all other obligations and goals humans may hold important. Paramount Obligationism is the logical conclusion of any long term analysis of anything. Long term meaning hundreds of millions of years or longer, reaching past the expected conclusion of Earth as a living planet.

Several hundred million years from today the Earth's atmosphere will run out of oxygen and that will be the end of life on earth. Life needs to be moved from the Earth to survive past that.

There have been fruitless efforts by others to achieve this in the recent past that have relied on the good ethical nature of man to transport life to other worlds. It has been assumed that humans have the ability for selflessness on a larger scale than within their own species. Paramount Obligationists make no such naive assumptions. To achieve results one must be a realist! Humans are in essence selfish as a unit. We put our children above our own needs, but that's because they carry our genes into the future. We make great sacrifices when our own nation of humans is attacked, but we make no such effort if some other human nation is attacked elsewhere, unless it is in our own interest to come to their rescue. Humans operate on greed and survival instinct. Without greed they shut down. The best recent example of this is the fall of communism and the triumph of capitalism. Greed is what makes the world move forward, without greed there are no results. Without a threat to their survival humans have no need to mobilize.

That humans are this way is a fact, and it's not necessarily a bad thing. We need to accept that we are this way and play the hand we're dealt. And it's not at all a bad hand.

With the damage we are causing Planet Earth there will soon come a time when survival instinct drives us to find new worlds to live on. It will not be pretty, but it will be very effective.

There is another way we could disperse ourselves into the galaxy, greed! If there is a financial benefit to go to other world the investments will be made.

Life will tag along to the new worlds we settle and we as a species will have fulfilled our paramount obligation.

Unfortunately at this point in time it looks like we will go for survival when the time comes. If we as Paramount Obligationists succeed we will go for greed. But there is no way in hell we will ever go due to some kind of ethical goodness in our hearts. Yes, there are people who are that way, but have you ever met one that thought space is more important than feeding starving orphans? Didn't think so…

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