The highest possible Spacegy score is 1000 and is given to entities that are purely 100% in the Space industry in one way or another. The entities with the highest score include of course companies that develop and manufacture Space travel hardware, but also entities that create and maintain Space related information or culture are among the holders of the highest scores.

Spacegy score is calculated based on how much of your company or organization contributes to the exploration and colonization of space directly or indirectly through purchases, operations, activities, research.

If your company's main product is space hardware then your score would of course be very high. However, most purchases consumers make are not from space hardware companies. Your company can get a high score by supplying a product or service with a derivative application that is space related. You can also get a high score if your production or distribution uses technology with derivative space applications.

Your company has a Spacegy score, but your individual products and services can be assigned separate Spacegy scores. A division within your company may have a higher Spacegy score than the company as a whole.

Spacegy score is calculated when you submit your certification information, but you can request updates in your score if you make changes in your operations that would raise your Spacegy score.

If your company or organization is a purely in the Space industry you will be given the score of 1000. Most companies however fall in the category that is not 100% Space related and in that event we will have to determine your score based on information you submit to us.

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