Moving life from Earth to other worlds is the underlying objective of Spacegy. To achieve this objective and to move life from Earth to as many other worlds as possible Spacegy promotes key components of our society.

The Capitalist System
The Capitalist system is the greatest economic force the world has ever seen. With the help of the Capitalist system we have risen to great heights in a very short time. Capitalism is an extension of Nature; it is evolution. Capitalism is fueled by human greed, and human greed is limitless. If there is a financial reward for traveling to another world for whatever reason the capitalist system WILL find a way to get there. The Capitalist economic system provides the necessary platform for the underlying objective of moving Earth life to Space.

Development of Space Technology
Advancing Space technology is a key aspect of Spacegy. Developing the means to get to other worlds cheaper and faster is crucial. The motivation for the Capitalist system to go to another world will be purely financial. If the financial yield is higher than the cost then these journeys WILL be financed; it's as simple as that. Spacegy aims to promote advances in technology with direct applications in Space travel.

Finding Financial Benefits of Space Travel
Presenting financial benefits of Space travel is imperative in getting the Capitalist system to make the investments needed to make journeys to Space. A key strategy of Spacegy is to promote the emergence of information that would unveil financial rewards of endeavors to other worlds.

Currently financial yields of Space travel are slim to none, and costs are to use a fitting word astronomical. Our aim is to bring the two ever closer. When the two meet Space travel will be financially profitable and thereby a reality.

Non-Profit Endeavors
We have absolutely nothing against non-profit Space endeavors. We wish the great people who engage in them the very best of luck and we sincerely hope they succeed; it is after all in the interest of our main objective. However, non-profit projects lack the main ingredient for success: greed. If there is no financial reward it is very difficult to raise the necessary funds. Even if the necessary funds can be raised there's still no carrot at the end of the journey to motivate participants. While non-profit endeavors are not doomed to failure the chance of success is low enough to put your eggs in a profitable basket instead.

Human Survival
There is a force stronger than the motivation for financial reward and that is survival. If the human race is threatened with extinction unless they expand into space, they will expand into Space. This would accelerate thing significantly, but we can't sit around and wait for something like this to happen. Besides, what if we didn't make it...Then we as a civilization would have failed in our task to export Earth life to beyond Earth.

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