The reasons for becoming a spacefaring civilization are many. Our reason for wanting this may be different from your reason, and that's absolutely fine. As long as you feel that our civilization needs to take real steps into space we are on the same team!

Why do we feel space should be the undisputed main priority of our civilization?

While there are several good arguments for why we as a civilization should spread beyond our world of origin, and we welcome the cooperation and support of anyone who supports space exploration for what-ever reason, we believe that there is one seldom mentioned purpose of space exploration that far outweighs any other objective. To understand this objective one must think long term, truly long term, not in terms of centuries or millennia, but in terms of hundreds of millions of years or even more.

No matter how resilient and adaptive we may be one day we as a species, like all other species before us, will be gone. We as intelligent beings, creators of ever more complex and advanced technology, have the unique opportunity to help the planet that we owe our existence to in ways that no other species on this planet before us ever could. Moving it's biology to other worlds is a logical step for any ecosystem, including of course the ecosystem of Planet Earth.

Even though human civilization can be viewed as incredibly destructive to the natural ecosystems of the planet we inhabit, one may even argue that Nature will be better off when we are gone, we believe that we as the first intelligent species to evolve on this planet hold the key to Earth Nature's continued expansion. To be able to spread its biology to other worlds the Earth needs a spacefaring civilization to hitch a ride to those other worlds. Just like mammals spread from continent to continent replacing marsupials in their way, so to should Earth biology be given the opportunity to flourish on other worlds. It is theorized that biology may spread between worlds within a solar system by means of asteroid impacts, but to spread beyond a solar system it needs the help of a spacefaring civilization.

In our brief existence as a species we have caused a huge amount of damage to the natural system we emerged from. We owe it to this planet to pay her back for everything she has given us. We must spread this planet's biology to other worlds or we will go down as the biggest parasites in this planet's history. If we fail to help our Mother Earth spread herself to the stars our brief existence on this planet will have been a complete fiasco. If on the other hand we succeed we will be the most important life form to ever evolve in this world. Let's give something back to Mother Earth before we are gone!

Space exploration and space travel has been anemic since the Apollo program ended about 50 years ago. We should have been on Mars by 1980, and we should have had permanent outposts around the solar system by 1990. By today our civilization should have had thriving and growing population centers on several worlds in our solar system, and we should by now be on our way to nearby stars.

We have not made any progress for half a century; one may even say we've been going backwards! The reason for this is quite simple; we have reduced the priority of space to a very low level. Depending on the manner of calculation we as a civilization spend around 0. 1% of our resources on space exploration. The top 2 spenders, USA and Russia, spend 0. 2-0. 3% of their resources on space; that is still a number that is far too low to achieve any kind of significant progress. Globally we spend 9 times more on cigarettes than we do on space exploration; how can we as a civilization justify that?

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